Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my print last?

faq uv

We use genuine pigment inks which are odourless unlike solvent inks and are lightfast for 75 years.

For extra protection we coat every canvas with a clear laminate coating, which not only protects your canvas from scratches & scrapes but also enhances the colors

What file types can I use?

faq filetypes

We can accept your image in the following formats:

  • jpeg

  • tiff

  • png

There is no limit on the file size that you can upload.

Whats's the ideal image resolution?

faq quality

Please refer to our Quality Guide here

How long will my order take?

faq delivery

We aim to have your order printed, dispatched and delivered within 5 working days.

What canvas do you use?

faq cotton

We use a heavyweight 390gsm poly-cotton blend canvas.

It's a seedless canvas with a bright white surface.

We coat each canvas with a clear coating to enhance the colour while also protecting the print.

Are the canvas prints ready to hang?

faq ready to hang

We supply all our Canvas Prints with fixtures for hanging your canvas straight from the box. All you have to do is choose a spot.

What stretcher bars do you use?

faq frames

We use 1½" stretcher bars made from European pine.

We also supply wedges to help retention your canvas if it sags or warps due to changes in humidity.

How do I look after my Canvas Print?

faq flyer

Handle your canvas print with care to avoid scuffs and scrapes.

Brush off any dust or loose dirt gently with a duster.

Avoid placing your cavnas print in high humididy environments.

More details can be found in the included flyer with your order.

What effects can I choose?

At the moment we have 3 effects to choose from

You can see a live preview of how your image will look before you place your order.

faq color effect


faq greyscale effect


faq sepia effect


What wrapping options do I have?

You can choose the wrapping options below at no extra cost.

faq image wrap

Image Wrap

faq mirror wrap

Mirror Wrap

faq white wrap

Custom Colour Wrap

Can I see my image before it's printed?

faq preview

At all times you can see a preview of exactly how your canvas print will look.

You can see what it looks like with different effects or different canvas styles.

When your happy with your choice all you have to do it add it to your cart.

How much is delivery?

faq delivery

Delivery within Ireland charged at €10 per order

Whether you order one small Canvas Print or 10 large canvas prints, you will only be charged one delivery fee.

What sizes and styles can I choose?

We offer a range of styles:

Portrait Canvas Landscape Canvas Square Canvas 3 Panel Canvas 4 Panel Canvas Panoramic Canvas Portrait Collage Canvas Landscape Collage Canvas Square Collage Canvas Panoramic Collage Canvas
Portrait Landscape Square 3-Panel 4-Panel Panoramic Portrait