Wrapping Options

Image Wrap Layout Mirror Wrap Layout White Wrap Layout

Image Wrap

Your entire image is printed and stretched around the entire frame covering all of the visible canvas print and edges

The outer portion of your image will not be visible from the front, so avoid this wrapping on images with subjects close to the edge

The part of your image that will be printed and wrapped around the side is visible on the preview window indicated with the red border

Mirror Wrap

Your image is printed and stretched around the entire frame, with the printed side borders being a mirror image of your image

Using this option you will not lose any of your image

White Wrap

You can choose from a white or black preset or choose from any colours you like using custom colours

We will print your chosen colour border to your canvas print

None of your image will make up the border

This is suitable if Image Wrap or Mirror Wrap will encroach on the main subject of your image

Image Wrap Mirror Wrap White Wrap